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Order Super Zapper Deluxe 2005 today How does the Zapper work? According to information available from the study of "Radionics", bacteria such as anthrax, chlamidia, shigella, and e. choli have spectral responses between 392 and 398 kHz. This would be near the 13th harmonic of 30 kHz, and near the 157th and 159th harmonic of 2.5 kHz. The 13th harmonic has an amplitude of 1/13th of the main frequency and the 157th harmonic has an amplitude of 1/157th of the main frequency.

How is the Zapper used? The Zapper is easy to use. It is provided with two wristbands, which must be watered before use to insure electricity is passing through. The Power switch is turned on and zapping continues for 7 minutes with original Dr. Clark program. The unit is then turned off for 20 minutes. The process is repeated for another 7 minutes. The cycle is  repeated a third time. It is recommended that the process be repeated once daily for everyone in the household to prevent re-infection for the first 2 weeks. If you want to get rid of the specific disease like Allergy, use Allergy Key Program or other Driver once a day for another 2 weeks.

Please understand that we cannot be responsible for any effects - good or bad - believed due to the use of the Zapper. Please read The Cure For All Diseases or one of Dr. Clarks other books before using this device. Do not use this device if you are pregnant or using a pacemaker. This device is for research and experimentation only. Before using consult your professional health practitioner or Medical Doctor.

 Order you Super Zapper Deluxe 2005 (original from H.Clark)